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Time & Location To be Announced...

Loudhouse is busy building our the 2024 project programDEprogram.

We are excited to welcome new and returning artists to the project. We are also partnering with Archives Exhibitions to bring even more artists to the table.  


programDEprogram is a performance/installation event with multiple rooms involving multidisciplinary art forms, developed through a fully collaborative process. The event aims to focus on the tension between the self and the world, between the self and belief, between the self and others, the internal tension within the self, and the transformation of identity as a conscious or unconscious response to fear or as an escape from it. The goal isn’t simply to wallow in the negative but to approach that tension from different angles, including transcendence. The concept of constantly programming and deprogramming the self is a key part. It will be a linear experience through spaces conceptually organized by colors (in a nod to Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death”). 

Follow us on IG: @loudhouse_____ for all updates and information!

Amanda Abate

Audrey de Mahy

Bob Borel

Carley Dupré

Claire Fontenot

Christopher LaBauve 

Cole Broussard

Erin Bennett

Greta Gerstner

Hannah Sonnier

Heather Bentley 

Jack Budd

Laci Smith

Lex R Thomas 

Lily Marcus

Louis Deumite

Lucia Moon

Matthew Countess

Matthew Guidry

Matthew Thomas 

Natalie Kojis

Nicole Curtis

Raine Curole

Red Landry

Sam Wrobel

Sara Crochet

Stuart Welch

Tabby Stone

Interested in contributing? Sponsor packets coming soon...
Email us in the meantime to learn how you
can help.

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